Discovering Faith and Family

It is our desire that every person before joining Calvary understands biblical salvation AND how to connect with the family of God.  For these purposes we offer the class Discovering Faith and Family.  This class is offered periodically on Saturday mornings (with plenty of notice and sign-up time).  The class is 4 hours in duration and accomplishes several very important elements of discipleship:

  1. It is an in-depth class on the subject of biblical salvation.  In this class you will learn what it means to be “born again” and the biblical teaching on what a Christian is.
  2. This class also is an in-depth presentation on the family of God; specifically what it means to be a member of Calvary Baptist Church.  We present our statement of faith, our structure and our membership responsibilities.
  3. This class helps identify spiritual giftedness and areas of service for each individual.
  4. After this class you will be directed to Life Groups and Bible Study Classes that will continue to help mature you as a disciple of Jesus Christ.
  5. This class is our New Members Class and is required for membership at Calvary Baptist Church.

To register for the class, please complete the form below.