COVID-19 Information

Calvary Baptist Church

COVID-19 Response

Dear Calvary Family,


Who could have ever imagined the events that have transpired in the last two weeks?  One thing is for sure, none of us have ever had to navigate this kind of dilemma before.  Your staff have been prayerfully and diligently making some very difficult decisions.  Please know that all of these decisions have been discussed and prayed over.  We have used the CDC, FEMA, MBC and state and Federal government guidelines to make these decisions.  Additionally, COVID-19 is a very volatile, unpredictable and changing dynamic and we must adapt and be flexible.


Please know that the health of our congregation and our community is high priority right now and we want to do our part to bring this pandemic to a close.


For those reasons, we are cancelling all in-building activities for at least the next two weeks.  That includes worship services, Sunday school, Wednesday night and Sunday night activities.  This also includes all activities and groups that meet during the week.  Cancelling all activities will ensure that our members will remain as safe as possible.  This will also aid in keeping the  building sanitized as our Daycare will need to continue to operate to meet the needs of parents who must work.


As a result of cancelling, We will be live streaming our worship services for at least the next two Sundays.  In just a moment Josh will give you all the instructions for tuning in on Sunday Mornings.  Additionally, we will post all the information you need on this facebook page.


More than likely this pandemic is going to affect many people financially.  Some may lose their jobs or be laid off, others may have income that is drastically affected.  For this reason we want to alert you now that we need help keeping the food pantry stocked.  Please consider giving online to our food pantry and benevolence funds.  Speaking of giving, I strongly encourage you to continue give your tithes and offerings.  Do NOT become unfaithful to the LORD by not giving your tithes and offerings.  These challenges before us are bringing new costs and increased costs to us as a church.  Be faithful to continue to give.  There are several options to give such as mailing in your contributions, giving online through the link on our website, You may also go to find our giving portal.  Please post in the memo line of your check or giving portal to what fund or area of giving you wish to have your contribution placed.  We will be posting the online giving links periodically on our Facebook page.


Also on our Facebook page, and emailed out to the church family, will be our new Pandemic Policy that will serve us now and in the future.


I just want to encourage you to trust in the LORD, He is sovereign over this earth and we will not be fearful or full of anxiety, but we will trust the LORD.


We will do our best to make this message shareable, and available through several different formats.   We will also email out this very message to the church family so that you may have a copy of the policies and activities moving forward.  


To watch a live stream of our service Sunday morning at 10:30 you will simply need to visit our website at There will be a video player on the home page that will allow you to view our service.   The video will automatically be podcasted as well, should there be any live issues or should you need to watch at a later time.  If we have any technical issues with the stream, we will do our best to post a pre-recorded version of the service for you to watch at home.  We thank you for your patience as we navigate these new waters with technology.


Again, we are cancelling all activities for two weeks.   These include Sunday school, choir and orchestra rehearsals, WMU, Forever Young, and various other weekday activities. Any non-church related activities that may be planned, such as family gatherings and parties, will unfortunately need to be rescheduled by calling the church office.  Other activities will be affected differently due to the schedule or nature of the activity.  FamilyQuest  and Wednesday meals will be suspended until April 15th, the duration of the new session that was to begin this next week.  


There will be no childcare for life groups on Sunday nights for the two weeks. Individual groups will use their own discretion on whether or not to meet in their homes.  


Trail Life, Victory in Jesus, and Maranatha Dance will be suspend until April 16th.  


There are also a couple of seasonal activities that will be postponed.   The senior adult trip to the Jubilee Conference in Branson has been postponed until August.  Due to the loss of rehearsal time and probability of restrictions lasting longer than two weeks, we will be postponing our Easter “Grace in the Gray” production to a date that will be announced soon.  

 We are also doing our part to keep the facilities clean and sanitized.   New wall mounted hand sanitizing stations are being installed throughout the campus.   We will be utilizing volunteers to help sanitize and clean all surfaces. If you would like to volunteer to help in any way please contact the church office.   


As brother Jeff has stated, these are uncharted waters.   But as scripture says we are not given a spirit of fear, but of a sound mind. It is with this prayerful and discerning sound mind that we are making these difficult choices. Thank you for your understanding and thank you for adhering to these requirements. In two weeks we will re-evaluate and send out word as to lifting or continuing these changes.   Please use creative means to carry out worship at home and stay in contact with the church family.  We will be sending out some creative links and helps to aid in that very thing so stay tuned to our Facebook page.We thank God for you and know that He will see us through. Thank you again and God bless.