What We Do

This initial element has two powerful dimensions. The first dimension is spiritual life transformation from death to life. Our worship services are intended to help us encounter God. As true worship takes place each week, we believe the Holy Spirit convicts the unsaved of their lost condition and are converted by the Holy Spirit in that environment. The second dimension recognizes that life transformation must continue throughout a person’s lifetime. So a critical part of becoming a disciple is a weekly encounter with our Holy God in the context of corporate worship.

The second step of life transformation/discipleship acknowledges the “family of God” reality of the Christian. No believer can be a true disciple without being a part of a local church, the body of Christ. Intimate, caring relationships in the body of Christ are essential to life transformation. Encouragement, accountability, confession, intercession, and many other elements of Christianity are part of the family experience of a local New Testament church.

This element recognizes that every disciple of Jesus has a responsibility to mature in the faith. The Word of God has the power of life transformation just as the Holy Spirit does and the Holy Spirit works in harmony with the Bible to bring about life transformation in a person’s life. We believe that as a person studies, memorizes, meditates upon, prays over the word, and submits their life to it, they are matured in the faith.

Finally this element of discipleship reveals the truth that “without works, faith is dead”. As believers an essential part of our maturity is serving others and serving God. A true disciple of Christ will use their spiritual gifts to serve the body of Christ and will be compelled by the spirit of God to share the gospel with the lost world. Therefore service is an essential part of the life transformation process.

We would love for you to join us each week as we seek to become fully devoted followers of Christ and have our lives transformed by the power of God.