Life Groups

Life Groups are gatherings of four to 15 people who come together on a regular basis for a common purpose and who help one another in their progress toward becoming a more fully devoted follower of Christ by intentionally providing the opportunity for connection, community, and spiritual formation.

A Life Group is a model of grace, community, growth, gifts, and good stewardship as one is challenged to live the Four E’s of Encounter Embrace, Equip, and Engage. The ultimate purpose of a Life Group is to move people toward a greater relationship with Christ and allow for the transformation of them into His image.

It’s for you! It's real! It's fun! It's relational! It's relevant!  It's for you!


Every January & August we host a Life Groups Expo. It is a time that we set aside for everyone to sign up for a Life Group.  Tables are set up in Calvary’s lobby in an expo type format for you to learn more about:

  • existing groups that have room for more folks
  • new groups that are forming, start dates, and further opportunities to connect.

You can join a Life Group at anytime!

If you are interested in joining a small group at any time please contact Minister of Education,


Life Group FAQs

On which day of the week do Life Groups take place?

Most groups will meet on Sunday’s from 6:00-7:30 pm. Please check with the group leader for more specific times.

How often do Life Groups meet?

Most groups meet weekly. It is up to each Life Group whether or not their group meets each week throughout the year. There are some instances when groups will not meet: Revival, 5th Sunday fellowships, VBS, other holidays.

How long does each group meeting last?

The typical meeting will last approx. an hour and a half.

Can I join a Life Group at any time?

All of our groups are considered “open” groups. The only exception to this is if the group has reached more than 14 people. There are two general times of the year (August, January) when as a church we will focus on small groups and encourage our members to start, join, and participate.

What goes on at a group meeting?

Though each group differs in how they do things, many groups have a social time in the beginning, and then they transition to a time where they discuss the book or the Bible study and then spend time praying for each other.

Where do my children go while I attend a Life Group?

On Sundays, our Student Ministry hosts Kids Quest (KQ) for all children whose parents are participating in our Small Group Ministry. KQ is led by Doug Merrell (Children’s minister).

If your life group meets during the week, then your group will be in charge of arranging child care for that time frame. Whether that is dropping them off with someone or having some teenagers watch them in the host home, it will be up to the individual or group to accommodate the children.

How do I become a Life Group Leader or Host Home?

We will be coordinating training times for NEW Life Group Leaders every 3-4 months throughout the year. If you believe that God is calling you to lead or host a group in your home, please contact Minister of Education, at


Do you have a Life Group Question not answered here? Please contact Minister of Education, at