What is Worship


"The more we understand the revelation God has given us about Himself, the more we ought to be moved to worship and praise Him in response." R.C Sproul

In our worship we come to sacrifice something that is meaningful and valuable to us. And we need to understand that worship is self- denial and sacrifice. But it is the " giving up" of the worthless thing ( even though it may seem extremely valuable ) in order to gain the infinitely precious. In all reality we sacrifice nothing for everything. "As a deer longs for streams of water, so I long for You, God." Psalm 42:1. In our worship we need to learn to deny ourselves and come and get it. I am an Arkansas boy, born and raised, and when dinner was ready I knew it. How? I would hear from wherever I was in the yard, " Come and get it, dinner's ready." We need the attitude or even the lifestyle of  one who will perish of hunger and thirst unless we have God.

"Then I will come to the altar of God, to God, my greatest joy." Psalm 43:4

Worship is deep, heartfelt satisfaction in Him. Nothing should satisfy our heart besides God. Not money, family, health or friends. Nothing truly satisfies but God. It is in that satisfaction we find that worship is an end in itself. Our attitude should not be "I want to be satisfied in You O God so that I can have something else." Genuine affections for God are an end in themselves.

"Worship is not some kind of acquired skill that can only be learned after years of religious training. It is actually the most natural response of God's creation to His manifest presence." Gerrit Gustafson
"The greatest hindrance to worship is not that we are a pleasure-seeking people, but that we are willing to settle for such pitiful pleasures." John Piper