Deacon Served

Calvary Baptist Church has embraced what we believe is the biblical pattern for deacon’s given in the New Testament; service to the body of Christ. Our deacons serve the body of Christ at Calvary within the following parameters:

Biblical Deaconship

Biblically, the focal point of deacons is to serve the congregation. A deacon is one of a plurality of biblically qualified men who jointly serve and minister to the church body. The word translated “deacon” means servant and is used in Acts and the epistles in reference to this unique group of servants who have responsibility for ministering to the needs of the people of God.

The Office of Deacon

As the New Testament indicates, the word “deacon” means servant. In other words, the “Deacon Brotherhood” (body of deacons) is not intended to spiritually lead the church but to serve the church. The first deacons found in Acts 6 administratively managed the massive food distribution program of a church with thousands of members. We believe this example provides a biblical basis for a two-fold deacon ministry 1) Administrative management, and 2) ministry and encouragement to the members of the church.

A Brotherhood of Servants

The consistent pattern throughout the New Testament is that each local body of believers is served by a plurality of God-ordained deacons who use their office to serve the body. We believe many churches and deacons have suffered much harm by conferring the spiritual leadership of the church on the deacons rather than on the pastors/elders.

The Functions of Deacons

The primary responsibilities of a deacon are first of all to serve as a manager of the church. That involves a number of specific duties. As managers, deacons are to oversee behind the scenes administrative functions. Additionally the word conveys, deacons are to be servants ministering encouragement and ministry to members of the church body. We do this in two specific ways: First, our deacons give supervisory oversight to our three committees; properties, personnel, and stewardship. Though these committees are elected members of the church and understand and carry out their functions, they report to and are under the authority of the Brotherhood of Deacons. Secondly, our deacons administer the Deacon Family Ministry Plan whereby all church families are assigned a deacon. Every deacon diligently ministers to and keeps track of his group of families seeking to serve them in various ways. In this same vein of service and ministry our deacons additionally look for unmet needs in every area of the church, and look for ways to meet those needs. Finally our deacons submit to, look for ways to support, and undergird the spiritual leadership of church by the elders.

The Qualifications of Deacons

Qualifications for deacons are found in  I Timothy 3: 8-13